How to Show Control Panel on Win+X Menu in Windows 10?

Show Control Panel in Win+X Menu

This article will show you how to add or show the control panel on Win+X menu in Windows 10.

You must be wondering what is Win+X Menu?

If you are using a Windows 10 then you must familiar to Win+X menu. Also, known as the Power User Menu. This menu contains all the major options for Windows settings.

The old control panel has been replaced with Windows Settings in the Win+X menu starting from Windows 10 insider preview (build 14942).

To find this, you should use the key combination of Win+X from your desktop or a laptop keyboard or right-click on the Windows Start Menu and you will see a power user menu or Win+X menu on your screen which holds the most important settings of Windows.

Check out the image below.

win+x menu

Show the Control Panel on Win+X Menu/Power User Menu

Many users are not comfortable with Windows 10 Settings instead, they like the old Windows Control Panel. However, the Windows 10 Settings page is designed for user’s convenience, but most users still preferred the Control Panel.

If you open the Power User Menu (Win+X) you will find the Settings option. Let me give you a trick by which you can add the Control Panel along with the Settings option.

This article will show you how to add a control panel on the Win+X menu in Windows 10?

Check out the image below of how it will look after adding a control panel on Win+X menu.

windows 10 Win + X control panel

Add Control Panel in Win+X Menu

Step 1. First, click the download button to get the Control Panel shortcut to your desktop and extract it to your desktop.

add control panel to windows + X menu

Step 2. Copy follow the path and paste it on Windows Explorer (Press Win + E to open explorer). Then, hit the Enter button to open Group2 Screen.


Step 3. Now copy the extracted file (Control & Panel) from your desktop screen and paste it into the Group2 folder as opened in Step 2 or you may drag and drop.

Step 4. That’s all need to do. We just need to restart Windows Explorer. Follow the steps below to restart Windows Explorer:

  1. Open Windows Task Manager
  2. Under the Processes tab, scroll down and locate Windows Explorer. Once you see it, right-click on it and select Restart. This will do a quick process.
  3. Then you can close the Windows task task manager

This way, you can keep both Windows Settings and Control Panel on the Win+X Menu (Power User Menu) in Windows 10.

Hope you get to know how to show the control panel on win+x menu. Check the image below on how it looks after making the changes with the above steps.

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