Full Screen Start Menu in Windows 10 – Enable & Disable

What is full screen start menu in Windows 10?

If you are a Windows 10 user, so this post helps you to enable or disable full screen menu. Microsoft Windows 10 allows you to have a full screen start menu in it. By default, Windows 10 full start menu is always disabled. However, many users would like to get a full screen menu so they will get all App Tiles in front of them and they can open just doing a single click. Once you enable it, it will cover the whole screen until you choose an option/app tile or click on Start Menu again from there. Continue reading this post to enable or disable full screen in Windows 10.

Start Menu Full Screen – Enable & Disable

As we know by default start menu is disabled. To enable full screen startmenu, we need to do some easy steps to make changes. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Press Win + X and select “Settings” from the given options.

Windows 10 Settings

Step 2. Now select “Personalization” from Windows Settings.


Step 3. In the left pane of the screen, click on “Start

Step 4. Now in the right side of the screen, scroll the bit page and navigate to “Use Start full screen”. You can see clearly, by default the radio slider is Off.

start full screen

Step 5. To turn on or enable full screen start menu, Slide the radio button to right and it will be On.

start full screen

That’s all need to do. We are done now. It will take immediate effect to your Windows 10 PC. Close this Windows Settings screen and go back to your Windows 10 start menu to check its behaviors, click on Start Menu, now you will see your Start Menu in your full screen for sure. Check the image below of the full screen menu:

enable start menu full screen

How can we Disable the full screen?

To get the by default normal Start Menu screen back on your Windows 10 PC, reach step by step to Step 5 and Slide the radio button to left and it will be Off. You will be back to your Normal Start Menu Screen.

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