How to Save a Webpage to PDF File?

Save a Webpage to PDF

Have you ever gone through an article that you liked a lot and want to save it for your future reference? I mean, do you know how to save a webpage to PDF file format on your computer desktop or a laptop?

Yes, certainly, in Windows 10, you have an option that will help you to save any webpage as a PDF file. PDF stands for Portable Document Format.

However, the user has an option to copy and paste content and images individually from a webpage to a blank Word document which supposed to be a long process or note down a web link so can be opened anytime but still it will be accessible online.

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 how to save a web page as a pdf file

Instead of, user can save a webpage to PDF file (content, images and other stuff etc.) by using “Microsoft Print to PDF” option, which can be accessed offline anytime.

Convert a Web page to a PDF File

Microsoft Print to PDF is a bit delayed feature introduced in Windows 10. This feature already exists in other operating systems such as MacOS and Linux.

Now, this also depends that what browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) are you in? Though, for most of the browsers, print function is quite similar to each other.

This article will show you the steps to save any webpage as a PDF file if using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

Microsoft Edge

If a webpage is opened on Microsoft Edge browser that you want to save as PDF file format:

  • Press Ctrl + P to open printer settings page of the browser
  • Under Printer option, from the printer drop down list, select Microsoft Print to PDF
  • Click Print button
  • Now, a window prompts on your screen and ask you for the location where you want to save. Select location to desktop, documents or any other where you want to and Name to file and then, click save

save web page as pdf microsoft edge

Google Chrome

Most similarly as we did on Microsoft Edge, will do in Chrome browser:

  • Press Ctrl + P to open Chrome printer settings page
  • Select Microsoft Print to PDF from the given printers list
  • Click on Print button
  • Do the same process to save the file to your desired location, as did above

save webpage as pdf Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

You are probably using Firefox browser and want to save the webpage as a PDF file:

  • Press Ctrl + P to open Firefox printer settings
  • Select printer to Microsoft Print to PDF. Once selected, highlighted with blue color
  • Click Print button
  • Finally, select the location to save the file likewise Edge and Chrome

save a webpage to pdf firefox browser

For any query or questions, comment below.

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