How to Add Watermark in PDF File using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro?

Add Watermark in a PDF File

In the following article, we will let you know how you can add watermark in your pdf files but first let us tell you why watermarks are important for any business of the documents.

What are PDF Files?

The PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Adobe PDF files are the most secure file format.

PDF files can be opened on the Adobe reader application and cannot be edited until you are using the pro version. You can create new files and edit them only in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

However, you have the option to create a word (.docx) file and save it in to a PDF format that will open in adobe reader and cannot be edited.

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This should be done from the latest version of Microsoft Office 2016 and later. You may download Adobe Reader for free from Adobe’s official website for document viewing purposes.

Why Do We Need Watermarks in a PDF File?

A watermark can be an image, logo or text in a document.

Watermarks are a kind of signature or identity of an organization or individual. By using a watermark, you can protect your documents, images or content from theft. Yes, therefore, we use watermarks in pdf.

Watermark reflects your brand and existence. Therefore, you can protect your pdf files by adding a watermark.

For example: you must have seen images with a name in the background or documents with background text (i.e., do not copy, confidential or a company name).

create pdf watermark

If you are a business person or any individual and want to prevent your pdf file content from theft, you must use watermarks in your pdf files.

How Do I Create a Watermark in PDF Files?

To create or add watermarks in pdf files, first, you must install Adobe Acrobat Pro XI because it includes all premium features.

The following link will help you to Download Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.

Once you have successfully installed and activated it, follow the steps below to create a PDF watermark easily.

Step 1. Open your pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Pro in which you want to add a watermark.

Step 2. From the top-right of the document toolbar, click on Tools and it will show you the tools to use in this document.

add pdf watermark

Step 3. Click on Pages and you will expand on other related features.

Under the Edit Page Design section, click on Watermark.

Then, select Add Watermark… from given options.

adobe pdf watermark

Step 4. A new window for Add Watermark will be prompted on your screen with its settings. You will have three (3) options there in different verticals as shown below.

Hence, you need to set the settings as per your choice.

  1. Source: Add text watermarks, use font or color or choose an already prepared file from the saved location of your system for watermark.
  2. Appearance: Choose rotation settings and opacity.
  3. Position: Set watermark position to left, center or right.

add a watermark in pdf file

Once you are done with the above settings, click on Apply to Multiple to add a watermark to the whole document (all pages, if the document has more than 1 page) or click OK, in case of a one page document.

add watermark to pdf adobe

Finally, your settings are successfully saved and you will see; now we have the watermark on our pdf file.

Note: Make sure you save the pdf file before you close the pdf document.

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