How to Install Windows 10 Using USB Flash Drive?

Install Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 is the most used operating systems now, days after the popularity of Windows 7. Microsoft has recently released Windows 10 Major update called Spring Creators Update or April 2018 update. Windows 10 is a highly enhanced operating system from Microsoft that contains lots of features as compared to older version of the OS (like; Vista, Windows 7 & 8.1). It can accept voice commands with the help of Cortana. All of the settings are in one place and many more. If you have been using Windows 7 and not upgraded yet to Windows 10, we recommend you to upgrade it today or you may install Windows 10 using USB flash drive with step-by-step guide in following post.

Install Windows 10 Using USB Flash Drive


  • A working Windows PC with high speed internet
  • 8 GB of Flash/Pen drive with free space
  • Windows 10 ISO image, download here
  • Media creation tool (To create a USB bootable), download here

Once you collect all above things, we need to create flash drive bootable for Windows 10 that we can use to install Windows 10 instead of Windows disk. Insert flash drive into working windows PC. Make sure you are on the same computer where you have downloaded Windows 10 ISO image, then, watch below tutorial to create USB flash drive bootable: Install Windows 10 Using USB Flash Drive Click To Tweet

Once the USB flash drive is created as bootable, unplug and insert into the computer in which you want to install Windows 10. Caution: For safe and side, before we start the Windows 10 installation process, we recommend you to back up your personal or important data to any external hard drive.

Install Windows 10 Step-by-Step with Pictures

Follow the steps given below to install windows 10 using usb flash drive. Do not skip any step and be patience while installation.

Step 1. Select first boot device to the flash drive:

  1. Now we need to access it’s boot menu in order to boot from USB flash drive for the first time only. Boot menu can be accessed with F12 & F10 key for most of the manufacturers or may be vary. Restart your PC and keep tapping F12 & F10 keys together.
  2. If doesn’t work for you Press “Del” or “Delete” key to get into BIOS settings and change first boot order to flash drive. Then, press F10 key to save settings and reboot PC.

Step 2. It will initiate the Windows 10 installation process from USB flash drive and will show you “Starting Windows”. Wait, until the next option come up on your screen.

steps to install windows 10

Step 3. Here’s, the Windows setup will start and it comes with an option to choose the language to install. No need to change anything if preferred English language, just click on the “Next” button given.

Step 4. Click “Install now” button to continue the Windows 10 installation. Install Windows 10 Using USB Flash Drive Click To Tweet

Step 5. At next screen, it can ask you for the Windows product key. The product key is a license to you to use Microsoft product. If you have the 25-digit alphanumeric key with you, you may type, and click “Next” to continue or you can “Skip” and will activate later by using the Windows activator.

Step 6. You will see another screen that asking you “Which type of installation you want?”. Select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) to continue.

install windows 10 with usb flash drive

Step 7. Here, you will see your hard drive partitions. Select hard drive and click next button to continue the Windows 10 installation.

install windows 10 using usb pen drive

Step 8. Windows 10 installation will be started and it starts copying files and other features. You just need to wait.

install windows 10 using usb flash drive

Important Note:

If you have changed boot order to USB from BIOS settings (Step 1 – option 1.) then, its mandate to make BIOS setting default on its first reboot while installing Windows 10. Otherwise it will keep making previous process in a loop. Install Windows 10 Using USB Flash Drive Click To Tweet

While installation is in process, your computer will restart 2-3 times automatically so don’t worry and let it be done the task automatically. It will take around 30-35 minutes to do the complete installation. Then, you will reach in the initial setup screen to setup user account, protection, location, Wi-Fi, language, etc. Check below video tutorial or follow on screen steps to finish this.

Finally, it will start to personalize your settings and prepare your desktop screen and that’s all. At last, if you have not used any product key to license you Windows 10 OS. By this way shown on this article you can install windows 10 using USB flash drive. Now, You may activate by using the Windows 10 activator, download here.

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