How to Create a Shutdown Shortcut for Windows? – For Windows 7 and Later Windows Versions

Create Shutdown Shortcut for Windows

The steps below will show you how to create shutdown shortcut on a Windows computer (laptop or desktop).

Creating a shutdown shortcut to your computer on your desktop screen is a very good utility. Many times users forget to turn off their computer or maybe sometimes they are in a hurry and couldn’t shut down the computer.

In such cases, you can create a shutdown shortcut to the desktop screen, wherein you just need to do a single click and within few seconds of time your computer will be turned off completely. 

NOTE: Steps given below will work with Windows 7, 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Step 1. Right-click anywhere on the Desktop screen where you can see an empty space, move your mouse cursor to New, and select Shortcut.

Step 2. A dialog box will be prompted on your screen.

Type the following code or copy that and paste it into a blank dialog box. Then click the Next button.

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /p

create shutdown shortcut

Step 3. Type a desired name for the shortcut in the Type a name for this Shortcut textbox. Then click on Finish.

Example: Shutdown PC as mine in the image below:


create shutdown shortcut in windows

By doing the above steps, you have successfully created a shutdown shortcut to your desktop screen.

Optional, if you wish you can assign an icon image to this shortcut, which makes your shortcut look good by following the steps below:

Assign an Icon to the Windows Shutdown Shortcut

Step 1. Right-click on the created shutdown shortcut and select Properties

Step 2. Once the shortcut properties open, go to Shortcut Tab and select the Change Icon

Step 3. Select the Icon from the list of available icons and press OK

create shutdown shortcut windows 10

Step 4. Press OK again to close the shortcut properties.

how to create create shutdown shortcut

Step 5. You can now see that the Shutdown PC shortcut has been created on a desktop screen as shown in the image below:

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Finally, you just need to double click on this icon and your computer will be turned off immediately.

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