How to Pin a Folder in Windows Taskbar?

Pin a Folder to Windows Taskbar

This is a very interesting topic that how we can pin a folder to the Windows taskbar. You may aware that we can only pin files or programs those as executable.

But unfortunately, a Windows folder is not an executable file or program. It is just a folder that contains other data files or sub folders.

Hence, in this article, you will know the trick or a tweak to pin a folder to Windows taskbar.

pin a folder to windows taskbar

Although, in Windows 10, users have an option to create a new toolbar as follow wherein any folder can be pinned:

Right-click on taskbar –> Select Toolbars –> New Toolbar… –> Provide folder location

the above step can pin your selected folder to the right side of the taskbar.

However, my guess is this is not exactly what you are looking for?

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How do i Pin a Folder in Windows Taskbar?

Here we are going to use a method which is quite easy and help you to pin any of your existing folders to the Windows taskbar. Though, you can create a new folder as well to pin it to the taskbar. The choice is yours.

Note: The following method will work with Windows 7 and later operating systems.

As said above that you can pin only executable files or folders that is known for Windows. This is how a Windows operating system is designed.

Therefore, in this method, we will make or convert an existing folder to executable so windows will treat that folder as an executable program.

For instance, I have an exist folder named “Windows OS”, which has a long path in my system drive that I use frequently. So, I am going to pin it to the Windows taskbar for my ease.


Step 1. Firstly, we will create a shortcut of existing folder to the desktop. Reach out to your folder location that you want to pin to the taskbar.

Right-click on the folder and select Send to –> Desktop (create shortcut)

create folder shortcut to desktop

Step 2. Now reach out to the desktop and you can see there is a shortcut created of that specific folder with the same name.

Step 3. After that, we need to convert that shortcut to the executable folder.

Follow below steps to do that:

  • Right-click on the shortcut and select Properties
  • A folder properties window will open on your screen
  • Under the Shortcut tab we need to add explorer.exe at the beginning of the target field URL

For example, my folder path is:


Change to


pin folder to taskbar

Pin Folder on Taskbar

In conclusion, folder shortcut has been converted into an executable folder and now it is ready to pin it to the Windows taskbar.

To Pin a folder on Windows taskbar, just you need to drag and drop that folder to the Windows taskbar and it will stick on taskbar.

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how to pin a folder to windows taskbar

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