Add Hibernate Option to the Windows 10 Start Menu

Add Hibernate Option in Windows 10 Start Menu

Hibernate mode is one of the power saving mode such as sleep mode in a Windows operating system. In this article, we will help you to add hibernate option in Windows 10 start menu.

In Windows 10, hibernate and sleep both power saving modes are available, but by default hibernate is disabled.

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For instance, if you click on Windows 10 Start Menu and select Power; here you will find only sleep, shut down and restart options.

Hibernate won’t be available in this list as it is disabled by default in Windows 10.

add hibernate option in start menu

To enable hibernate option in Windows 10 start menu, we need to follow a little procedure and make changes in in your Windows 10 power options section.

Add Missing Hibernate Option

As you don’t have the hibernate option in your start menu, follow below steps and it will be added there that you can use later:

Step 1. Press Win + R to open Run dialog box

Type powercfg.cpl and OK or press Enter from your keyboard to launch Power Options setting under control panel.

windows 10 power options settings

Step 2. From the left pane, select Choose what the power button does

add hibernate option in Windows 10

Step 3. Previous action will take you to System Settings window.

If you noticed, Hibernate is grayed out and unchecked under Shutdown settings section. That is why it is not listed in start menu power option.

To enable hibernate preference for Windows 10 start menu, we need to change its settings.

Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable

hibernate option is missing from windows 10 start menu

Step 4. Your above action will enable grayed out options for you so you are allowed to make changes.

After that, click the Hibernate checkbox and finally, click on Save changes button.

add hibernate option to the windows 10 start menu

The moment you clicked on save changes button, this action will be in effect immediately and hibernate will be added to your Windows 10 start menu.

This is how a user can add hibernate option easily to Windows 10 power option list of the start menu.

Lastly, to verify the changes, click on Windows 10 start menu à select Power option and now you must see hibernate along with sleep, shut down and restart.

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