How to Use Change Case Option in Microsoft Word?

Change Case in Word

Certainly, many of the users are already aware of this feature and use it while working on a Word document. We are writing this article for beginners or those who doesn’t know how to use, change case option in a Word.

As you know Word application is a component of a Microsoft Office package in all the Microsoft Office versions. Change Case is an important and a useful feature of a Microsoft Word.

There are many shortcuts or keyboard combinations can be used to make task easy while working on Windows OS and Microsoft applications.

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What is a Change Case in Word?

We will describe this with an example which can make you understand this easily.

For instance, you wrote a two-three page content on your Word document and later you realize or come to know that you are supposed to type in a Sentence, lower, upper, etc.

Now changing each word in the desired case of a document is not possible.

Hereby, using a change case option of word can make your task easy and change your document in your desired case, just with one-click.

What features do we have on Change Case?

It has below features or options with an example of each of them:

Sentence Case: Content will be in sentence case (A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog)

Lower Case: Content should be in all lower case (a quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog)

Upper Case: All typed content supposed to be in upper case letters (A QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG)

Capitalize Each Word: Capitalize first letter of each word (A Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog)

Toggle Case: First letter small and the rest are in capital letter of each word (a qUICK bROWN fOX jUMPS oVER tHE lAZY dOG)

Use Change Case Feature in Word

We have two following methods in Microsoft Word by which, user can use the change case feature and make their document correct.

Before you initiate below methods, make sure text is Selected or Highlighted that you wanted to use with Change Case option.

change case feature

Note: Also, given methods should work with Office 2007 and later versions.

1. By using Home Tab

2. Using Keyboard Shortcut

How to Use Change Case from MS Word Home Tab?

Once you are on a Microsoft Word document. In the Menu bar, on Home Tab > click on the drop-down of Change Case icon.

Now you can select an appropriate option for your document like sentence case, lower, upper, etc.

use change case from home tab

Use Keyboard Shortcut to Use Change Case

Hold the Shift and Press F3 and keep on tapping F3 while holding Shift key until the case you want is applied.


You will notice that text is changing when you press F3.

The above action will covert the selected text of your document in your desired format.

Note: In some cases, we have noticed that above key combination doesn’t work. If you are facing the same, use Fn + Shift + F3 instead and will work for sure.

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