What is a Mouse and its Functions?

Mouse and its Functions

This article explains all about the computer mouse and its functions along with mouse types.

The computer mouse was developed and invented by Douglas Engelbart, with the assistance of Bill English during the 1960’s.

What is a Computer Mouse?

A computer mouse, also known as a mouse or mice (plural) is handheld hardware, pointing device and a peripheral component of a computer.

Mouse controls the pointing cursor in a graphical interface and can select text, icons, files and folders. In addition, it can do many other tasks with keyboard key combinations.

Basically, a Mouse input or sends data to your computer desktop or laptop that tells your system where to display the cursor of your operating system’s GUI.

For your information, a computer mouse is considered as an input device if we talk in technical terms.

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By using a mouse on a computer, it helps you to enhance work and increase user productivity.

What is the Function of a Computer Mouse?

There are many uses of a mouse while it is connected to the computer desktop or a laptop.

mouse and its functions

Here are the important functions which a computer mouse performs:

Mouse Cursor

The mouser cursor is a pointing arrow which displays on your computer or laptop screen. The primary function of a mouse is to move the cursor or pointer on the screen.

Mouse Clicks

The Click is the most used function of any of the mice. There are two different click options, following with left-click and right-click.

  1. Left-click: The common use of a left-click is to open, run, select or drag and drop Windows objects.
  2. Right-click: If you do a right-click on any of the objects, it will give you additional options or explore choices for a user.


The scroll is another important part and functions of a mouse.

There is a little wheel in the mouse that is called “Scroll” which is very useful while working on a document or a long web browser page.

Open or Run Objects

An object can be anything on your computer. For example: a file, folder, an icon and a program or an application.

You can easily open any of the above by just doing a double-click on an object or right-click and select open or run.

Select Function

The Mouse also performs a select action. The Mouse lets the user select the text, files, folders or can highlight them by selecting.

Drag and Drop

This is another useful function of a computer mouse.

Users can easily drag and drop any of the objects from one place to another computer location (within Windows) just using drag-and-drop method.

Type of a Computer Mouse

Initially, Serial port mice were available, but the most common trend of using a computer mouse is started from Mechanical mouse.

Later on, followed by PS/2 mouse, USB mouse, Bluetooth mouse and lasted on the wireless mouse (cordless) so far.

USB, Bluetooth and wireless mice come under the category of Optical mouse

type of mouse

Nowadays, there are many types of computer mice available in the market.

In addition, Touchpad, Trackball and TrackPoint is also comes under the category of a mouse. These can only be found on laptops only.

Note: you can connect USB, Bluetooth or Wireless mouse to your Laptop as well.

Other Functions

There are few mice or mouses those comes with additional buttons that can be used to perform further actions such as gaming or programming mouse.

We hope that the explanation given in this article of a mouse and its functions will be able to help you to understand that what is a mouse and how it functions when it is connected to a computer desktop or a laptop.

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