What is the Reason Behind Google Plus Shutdown?

Google+ is one of the products of Google LLC and on June 2011, it was introduced & launched worldwide. It was introduced as a social media platform for users so they can communicate with each other on internet like – Twitter or Facebook. Google+ also written as Google Plus. Somehow, Google + did not get the popular as Google’s other products. However, it has replaced Google Buzz at its launch. Now there is a bad news for consumers; recently, you must hear Google Plus Shutdown news along with Google Plus pages and associated API’s. As per the calculation, Google Plus has 111 million active users as of 2015. To till date, it should be more active Google + users.

Note: Do not worry users, No other Google product (Google Photos, Google Drive, Gmail, hangouts, etc.) will be shutdown. Only consumer’s Google+ accounts, pages and associated API’s will be shutting down.

Google+ shut down

Google Plus Shutdown – Reason behind?

Now Google is about to Shutdown Google + for consumers with in few months. But why? Therefore, let me tell you, as per the internet research, we found the details that Google announced that due to low usage and user engagement along with the users those using Google + has very less session duration. As per the Google support page, does not meet the expected users and found not a successful product.

In October 2018, Google has an announcement that they will be shutting down the consumer version of Google plus along with its API’s because of the considerable challenges involved in maintaining the successful product, which meets consumer’s expectations and due to low usage of the product.

Therefore, active consumers have many questions regarding Google Plus Shutdown. If you are one of the Google+ user, you must have some questions on Google plus shutting down decision.

Google plus shutdown

Frequently Asked Question on Google+ Shutdown

What about Google+ data? – Users can download and save their content until or before April 02, 2019. After April 2, 2019 Google will start deleting consumers Google+ account and pages.

What about our Google+ Followers? – Since the announcement and until a Google plus shutdown process starts, you can contact with your followers and let them know where they can connect to you and see your upcoming article, posts, etc. Give them your social addresses or your website details so they can connect to you.

Read more at Google about Google+ shutdown

Google+ has such features like user profile, circles, stream, +1 button, Google+ pages, Communities, Events, Discover, Google Local.

If you are a Google+ user, recommend you to download and save your data, if any, before April 2, 2019. Afterwards, Google will start the Google plus account, pages & associated API’s deleting process.

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