How to Enable and Disable Touch Screen Function of Your Windows 10?

Enable and Disable Your Touchscreen in Windows 10

I got the idea to write this article on how to enable and disable touch screen in Windows 10 because I have a touch enabled laptop (HP Pavilion x360 convertible).

Even though I use it occasionally, I know that I can use it by touch screen function. I would like to share a little incident that happened to me.

One day, one of my tech guy friends was sitting beside me and we were discussing an issue related to a web-browser.

Suddenly, he points his finger at the browser and touches the screen and apparently, the browser has closed.

Probably he doesn’t know that i have a touch enabled laptop.

I was forced to wonder if this could happen to us as a tech so many other users may have the same problem if they are using a touch enabled laptop.

Therefore, I decided to write an article on this topic about how a user can enable or disable touch screen in Windows 10 as per their requirement.

Note: If your machine has touchscreen capability then the touch screen function is always enabled by default.

Hence, we came up with a solution on how you can turn off the touch screen on a Windows 10 desktop or a laptop. If the desktop or laptop has touch screen capabilities.

Disable Touch Screen in Your Windows 10

Step 1. Press Win + R to open the RUN dialog box.

Type command devmgmt.msc and clink OK or hit the keyboard Enter button.

This will open a Windows device manager on your screen that has a list of all attached hardware’s of your machine.

Step 2. Locate Human Interface Devices and double-click on it to expand its list.

Look for HID-compliant touch screen

Step 3. Now, in order to disable the touch screen function in Windows 10, right-click on HID-compliant touch screen and choose the option Disable device

disable touch screen in windows 10

The above all steps will take immediate effect on your system touch screen and as a result your computer touch screen will stop functioning until you enable it back.

To check this, you can tap on the screen, it won’t detect or function touch functionality.

Enable Touch Screen in Windows 10

You may have disabled your touch screen function in the past.

Probably now or in the future you would like to use it or enable it back.

If you want to do so, then follow step 3 as given above and right-click on HID-compliant touch screen and select the option Enable device.

This task will immediately restore your touch screen functionality to Windows 10.

enable touch screen in windows 10

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