How to Reset Forgotten User Account Password (Login) in Windows 10?

Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Login Password

How to reset forgotten windows 10 login password? Continue reading this article to get a solution.

On Windows 10, the user account password is a user login password to get into the Windows desktop screen. In simple words, a user account password is used to unlock the system.

Windows 10 user passwords can be used for the security and safety purposes of your computer, if you don’t want to share your computer with someone else.

There are other ways also wherein you can use a computer PIN, Picture password or Dynamic Lock instead of user account password to protect your Windows machine.

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The user account password is a must and will help you to reset your login credentials in case if you forget PIN, Picture password, etc.

But what to do if you have forgotten your user account password in Windows 10?

Change, Recover or Reset Windows Password

Many users complain that they cannot reset their user account password if they have forgotten or lost and can’t access their computers.

In earlier versions of Windows 10, there were lots of trouble for resetting user account password in Windows 10. However, there is a different way around to reset your Windows 10 login password.

But now, it’s very easy to reset forgotten windows 10 login passwords after the “Spring creators update” from the same login screen without going anywhere.

If you have not updated your Windows 10 so far, click here to check for updates now.

So now, we have good news for you, Microsoft has already released a major update for Windows 10 on April 2018 called April update or Spring Creators update.

It has got lots of new features and bug fixes. One of them is to reset the forgotten user account password (login password).

Follow the steps given below to do an action on your computer screen if you get locked:

Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Login password

Step 1. On your locked user account screen, click on “I forgot my password”. Once you click it, it will take you to the next screen.

Step 2. You will see Recover your account screen with your Microsoft account email address.

Enter the characters you see in the given box and click Next button.

Step 3. On the next screen, you will be redirected to the screen where you need to verify your identity.

At the time you have setup your Microsoft account, you must have provided some questions (answer them to verify), secondary email address (to receive email) or phone number (to receive text message).

For me, i have secondary email and phone number for verification.

Step 4. Choose one of the verification methods from your list and click on the given send code button.

You will then receive a code to verify yourself.

In my case, I have selected the phone number and provided the last 4 digits of it as required.

Step 5. If the chosen verification option matches up to your Microsoft account, you will receive a code on it in a quick few seconds.

Enter the received verification code.

Step 6. Finally, you will see a screen where you can create a new Microsoft password. You will see Enter a new password screen.

So, create a new password as you desired (it won’t accept any previously used passwords) and click on the Next button.

You may get a confirmation password screen in the next window, type in the same password for confirmation.

Once done, you will be redirected to your Windows 10 user login screen.

You just need to enter a newly created Microsoft password and you will be on your desktop screen.

Later on, you may create any Login PIN, Picture password or set up a Dynamic Lock for Windows 10.

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