How to Reset Yahoo Forgotten Email Password? Yahoo Password Recovery Method

Reset Yahoo Password

There might be some scenarios where you may have forgotten or lost your Yahoo email password. So, what to do in that case? To learn how to recover your Yahoo forgotten email password, continue reading this article and create a new Yahoo password for login.

Yahoo is a web service provider that provides many services to their users such as Yahoo Search Engine, Yahoo Email, Yahoo Directory, etc. Yahoo’s official website is worldwide.

It is also known as one of the biggest search portals all over the world wherein users search anything on the web and get appropriate answers by Yahoo search engine technology.

Yahoo emails are a very important part of its service. Millions of users use Yahoo emails worldwide. The major problem Yahoo users face with the password recovery, in case users forget/lost their email password, they do not know where exactly they need to go to recover/reset their password.

Keep that in mind, this post will show you the complete process to reset/recover your yahoo forgotten email password. Follow the steps given below:

Recover Yahoo Forgotten Email Password

Step 1. Open any browser and go to the Yahoo Sign in Page and click Trouble signing in? or Difficulty signing in?

Currently you may see the Forgot username? On the sign in page, once you enter your username and click Next, you will see the Forgot password? option

Step 2. On the next screen, based on your security question, email or phone number, you will be asked to verify your identity.

Choose the appropriate option

Step 3. You will now be on the Yahoo verification screen.

For example, in my case it is asking me to enter the phone number missing digits (as i have chosen to verify through OTP) and then I need to click on submit so I can get the verification code from Yahoo to prove my identity.

There may be variations in your case depending on what verification method you have chosen at the time of Signup.

If I cannot remember the digits or do not have that number anymore, then I can choose No, I don’t know the digits, so I will get another recovery option (recovery email).

Step 4. Once you select the appropriate option, then click on Yes, text me an Account Key/code (depending on what options you have chosen, in my case, I have selected the phone number to receive the code/key)

Step 5. You will be receiving an Account Key sent by Yahoo. It should be Alphabetic or Alphanumeric. Enter the Account Key and click on “Verify” button

Step 6. If the verification code is correct, you will see below the screen where it is successfully verified/authenticated.

Click Create a new password option.

Step 7. Lastly, you just need to create a new password, as you desired. Make sure not to use any previously used password.

A strong password contains upper and lower case with a number and symbol.

What if i am unable to verify myself?

Note: If you are unable to verify your phone number, alternate e-mail address or secret question, if there is nothing else you can do because Yahoo is not able to verify that you are the legitimate owner.

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