Reset Microsoft Account Password on Windows 10

How to Reset Windows 10 Login Password?

How do we reset Microsoft account password on a Windows 10 desktop or laptop?

Where do I get the password to get into the desktop?

My login password is not working, how do I login now?

What is my Windows 10 login password?

Sometimes users may forget or lose their Windows login password or maybe its not working due to some recent unusual activities.

Therefore, users may get locked out and stuck on the Windows 10 login screen. In this scenario, you can reset your Microsoft account password and use the new password to login.

Windows 10 has a feature to login to Windows 10 using a Microsoft account.

You may have noticed that whenever you are on the login screen, there is an email address under your name that shows that you are signed in using a Microsoft account.

However, you can bypass or skip the Windows login screen on Windows 10 by making a few changes to the settings.

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Your Microsoft account gives you access to apps and games from the Windows Store, and lets you see your settings and other stuff across multiple Windows 10 devices.

This means that you can sync your settings to multiple devices easily.

In this kind of case, it is best to reset your Microsoft account password.

Apparently to do this task, you need to go to any other computer that has internet access.

Then, follow the steps given below:

Reset Microsoft Account Password

Step 1. Open any browser and go to the reset your password page. Click here to reach there

Step 2. Now, select I forgot my password option and click Next.

Step 3. Type in your Microsoft email that you use to sign into Windows 10.

It may ask you to type CAPTCHA and click the Next button.

Step 4. You will see a screen where you need to verify your identity to Microsoft.

You may have a stored recovery option at the time you have registered your Microsoft account.

It could be your other email address to receive the email, Cell number to receive a Text/IVR call, or any security questions that you can answer, if provided.

Choose one that you can verify. Microsoft will send you the verification code within a quick second of time.

Step 5. Once you receive the verification code, enter that code on the screen and click on the Next button.

Step 6. If you enter the correct verification code sent by Microsoft, you will get a new password screen.

Create a new password that should not be similar to the old password and click the Next button.

Step 7. Congratulations, you have successfully reset your Microsoft password.

Finally, you can now go back to your Windows 10 computer and use the new password that you just created.

You will be signing in for sure.

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