Find Saved WiFi Password from Your Own Connected Windows PC

Find Saved WiFi Password

Have You Forgot Your Wireless Password?

You don’t need to worry if you are already connected to any Windows PC through wireless. It is very easy to find a saved wifi password. All you need to do is, just go to the computer that is connected to your wireless network.

Do you have a new wireless device that you want to connect to your wifi to get internet access to it? But what if you don’t remember what your wifi password is?

So, the question is how do you know your current WiFi password?

Even if your laptop or desktop is connected to your wireless router or modem, it happens many times that we usually forgot our wireless password (wifi password).

View Saved WiFi Password

In this article, i will show you the step-by-step guide to find out the saved wifi password if you are already connected to your wifi in any of your Windows desktop or laptop and yes certainly, you will have your forgotten wireless password with you shortly.

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Follow the steps below to find your forgotten wifi password:

Step 1. First, open the Windows Control Panel. To open this, right click on the Start Menu and click on the Control panel.

Step 2. Now find Network & Sharing Center and open it.

Step 3. Now you will see your Network name (like mine: Wi-Fi 2). Click on it, this will open the Network Properties then, click on Wireless Properties.

Step 4. Once you click on Wireless Properties, this will open your WiFi Network settings.

Click on the Security Tab. Now see if there will be a Network Security Key (i.e., small dots: ********).

Finally, click on the check box (Show characters) as shown in the above image and as a result, small dots will be converted to your current wireless password.

Note: Write down your password on a piece of paper. Also, we recommend not sharing this wireless password to anyone whom you don’t know properly.

You may share this network password with your friends & family member and allow them to use your wireless internet network by using this security key (password).

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