How to Change Hard Drive Partition Name in Windows?

Change Hard Drive Partition Name

This article shows you the two methods to rename hard drive partitions name. It’s pretty easy to change any of the Windows drive names to anything you wish. Follow this article to easily change your hard drive partition name to your choice.

What Do You Mean by Hard Drive Partition Names?

In Microsoft Windows, whenever you open Windows File Explorer, it comes with hard drive partitions i.e drive C, drive D, etc and the name appears as Local Disk.

If a user wants to change the name from Local Disk to his/her desired name (music, data, pictures, etc) as data is stored on drives. But they may stuck because they don’t know the procedure of changing the hard drive partition name.

Do you know how you can change the hard drive partition name easily on a Windows computer?

Follow the below two different methods:

Method 1: Rename with Context Menu

Method 2: Rename Hard Disk by its Properties

Rename with Context Menu

The first method is to modify the name hard drive partition is by doing from Rename with Context Menu

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Alternatively, you can use the key combination of Win + E to open Windows file explorer. Then, follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Partitions on hard drives are visible in Windows Explorer.

Step 2. Now Windows explorer will give you the option to type any Name you wish to enter for the hard drive. Type your desired name (mine is New Volume) and press Enter from your keyboard.

Step 3. As a result, an authentication window will be prompted. You will need to click Continue on this pop-up Access Denied dialog box to provide administrator permission to rename it.

Rename Hard Disk by its Properties

The second and another method to change the drive partition name is by doing Rename from the hard disk properties.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Choose any hard drive partition on which you wish to change the name on and then right-click on it and select Properties

Step 2. Go to the under General Tab, enter your new name in the name box, click on Apply and OK

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