Enable Group Policy Editor in Windows 10 Home or Starter Edition

Enable Group Policy Editor in Windows 10 Home or Starter

First of all, before we begin to add or enable group policy editor to Windows 10 Home or Starter Edition, we must know what exactly group policy editor is?

The group policy feature was introduced in Windows 2000 initially and is still armful with the current operating system (Windows 10) till now and hopefully continued.

The Local Group Policy Editor or gpedit.msc is a part of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). It provides a single user interface by which an admin can access all the Computer Configuration and User Configuration settings of local group policy objects and can be managed easily.

  • Computer Configuration: An administrator can use Computer Configuration under group policy editor to set policies that are applied to computer such as Windows settings, software settings, and administrative templates.
  • User Configuration: An administrator can use User Configuration to set policies that apply to users only same as Windows or software settings.

Add or Enable Group Policy Editor

Note: Group Policy Editor is not available in any Home or Starter edition of Windows operating system. For Windows 10, the local Group policy editor is only available or accessible in Pro, Enterprise and Education editions.

The following steps will help you to enable gpedit.msc or local group policy editor in Windows 10 Home and Starter edition:

Step 1. Though, I can provide you the batch file script that you need to copy paste into a text document (Notepad) and needs to be saved in a .bat file format. But it would be a lengthy process and you might find difficulties to save file into right file extension, which is very important.

Therefore, instead providing you the script, you need to download a batch (.bat) file from the below given download button:

Step 2. Once you get the downloaded file to your desktop, right click on it and select Extract Here option. It will be extracted in a folder within quick seconds to your desktop screen.

enable group policy editor windows 10 home

Step 3. Open the extracted folder by doing a double click and look for a file named ‘enable-gpedit’. Then, right click and select ‘Run as administrator’.

how to add group policy in windows 10 home

You may get a prompt to authenticate. Click Yes to continue. As a result, the given command will be executed in a command prompt windows and will start processing. Now you can sit back patiently and wait until this process gets completed. For me, this process took around 3-4 minutes.

The moment process is completed; you will see the message “The operation completed successfully. Press any key to continue…”.

Finally, press any key from your keyboard to close this command prompt window. Check below image for reference:

enable group policy editorFinal Step

At last, you need to restart your Windows so the settings will be in effect.

Once, Windows 10 will back after a restart. Now try to open the local group policy editor by using gpedit.msc command in Run dialog box or by searching from Windows search and you will get group policy editor on your screen for sure.

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gpedit.msc windows 10 home download microsoft

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