How to Create Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows?

Make Bootable USB for Windows

Microsoft provides Windows USB/DVD download tool to do this task. You can easily create bootable USB flash drive with Windows ISO image and use that to install Windows in any machine.

Now a day, Windows installation is very easy. You donโ€™t need to carry bulky Windows OS disks with you.

Rather, no one keeps Windows installation disk for his or her computer. Sometimes, even manufacture does not provide a Windows installation disk with laptop/desktop. But do you know that

Create Bootable USB Flash Drive

By using Windows USB/DVD Download Tool, you can easily make a media USB flash drive or DVD of Windows 7, 8 or 10 manually.

Once created, it will act like a Windows bootable disk that can be used to install any Windows like; XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 or Windows 10.

Also, same bootable Windows USB can be used to several installations.

The simple way of installation is to download Windows USB/DVD tool and create bootable USB or DVD to install Windows OS, when you are in need.


  1. Any of your working Windows Computer with good internet speed.
  2. Media Creation Tool or Windows USB/DVD Installer (link is below to download).
  3. Windows ISO Image file of Windows 7, Windows 10
  4. Minimum 8 GB of USB flash drive (Pen Drive) with free space. Make sure there is no data in it.

To create a bootable USB flash drive, download and run the Windows USB/DVD Download tool, Click below to download:

create bootable usb flash drive

Alright, you have successfully created bootable USB flash drive of your desired Windows operating system.

Now, you must be thinking, how would I use to install Windows?

Donโ€™t worry, hereby providing you the articles that will help you to install Windows step by step. Check article links given below:

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[Read: Tutorial to Install Windows 7 by using USB flash drive]

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