How to Change User Account Type in Windows 7?

User Account Types in Windows

Do you know if we can change the user account type? Check out, how to change the user account type in Windows 7?

If you are using more than one user account on your Windows and must have a different kind of account permissions on it. Windows works with three (3) types of accounts as described below:

Standard User: A standard user account can use most of the installed software and change system settings that do not affect other user accounts.

If a Standard account user wants to make any kind of change, which may affect other user accounts, UAC (user account control) prompts to your screen and will ask you to enter the Administrator password to get the given command done.

Administrator: Administrator user accounts have complete access to install and remove software and can make any changes to system settings.

Administrators may be prompted to provide their password for confirmation before being allowed to open as per your given command, and make changes that affect the system and other users too.

Guest: Basically, a Guest account allows users to access limited features to have temporary access to your computer.

If someone is using the Guest user account, can’t install the software or change the system settings. Default Guest account cannot be password protected.

Change User Account Type in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a provision to change the account type under user account settings. Even Microsoft has written on this topic.

Follow the steps below to do this task in Windows 7. Make sure this should be done by an Administrator account.

Step 1. Go to the Control Panel To open the control panel in windows 7, click Start Menu in the bottom left corner and select Control Panel.

Step 2. Select Large icons to view under Category in the top right under Control Panel. If the view is already Large icons then there is no need to make any changes.

Step 3. Navigate to and look for User Accounts and click on it to open.

Step 4. Click on Manage another account.

Step 5. Now select the user account (i.e.: Test, in my case) from the given list that you wish to change the account type.

Step 6. Click Change the account type on the left side.

Step 7. If the account type is already Standard, you can select Administrator, and if the account type is Administrator, you can switch to Standard and click on Change Account Type at the bottom right.

Once you are done with all the above steps, you can now see that the selected user account has been changed to Administrator. Check out the image below:

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