How to Delete Guest Account from Windows 10?

This article shows how you can delete a guest account from your Windows 10, if it exists.

Microsoft has removed the Guest account from Windows 10 and is not enabled by default. There are still some alternates by which the Guest account can be created or enabled in Windows 10.

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Basically, a Guest account allows users to access limited features to have temporary access to your computer. If someone is using the Guest user account, cannot install the software or change the settings.

For Windows 10, the default Guest account cannot be password protected.

Administrator Account: Administrator user account has complete access to install and remove software and can make any changes to system settings.

Administrators may be prompted to provide their password for confirmation before being allowed to open as per your given command, and make changes that affect the system or other users too.

Standard User Account: A standard user account can use most of the installed software and change system settings that do not affect other user accounts

If a Standard account user wants to make any kind of changes, this may affect other user accounts.

Then, UAC (user account control) prompts on your screen and will ask you to enter the Administrator password to get the given command done.

Delete Guest Account in Windows 10

Since the Guest Account has limited features to access Windows and other programs in a Windows, the delete process cannot be done from the Guest account itself.

Make sure that you are logged into your Administrator account before performing the steps given below:

Step 1. Open Windows 10 Settings.

To open Settings, click on the Start Menu and click the Settings Button.

Step 2. Navigate to and click on Accounts.

Step 3. Now on the left pane; select Family & other people and select the account (Test) that you want to delete.

Note: Test is an example here of a Guest account in our Windows 10. You must have a different name there

Step 4. Navigate to Other People and you will find the guest account (Test) you created earlier.

Select the account and click Remove.

Step 5. You will be prompted to a Windows Authentication Delete account and data?

Click the Delete account and data button.

It will do a little process and the account and its data will be completely removed from your computer.

By doing the above steps, you can easily delete the guest account from any Windows computer.

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