What is LAN Network and Why Is Local Network Area Used?

What is a LAN Network?

This is one of the most common and frequently asked questions on the web, what is LAN?

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What is a Local Area Network?

Definition of LAN?

What is LAN used for?

We are writing this article specifically to let you know what a local area network connection is and how it works on networks?

LAN is an abbreviation of Local Area Network.

What is LAN?

A local area network is a network and is a group of two or more computers within a small area. For example – A School or a college.

In a local network, hundreds and thousands of computers or laptops can be connected with each other using a cable connection.

You would require a set of physical devices to setup a local network like: an internal server, routers or a switch to get them connected and communicate with each other

What is the Local Area Network used for?

Most commonly, LAN networks are often used to provide shared access to internal employees of a small business office to share files and connect to printers and the same in homes and buildings.

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An Ethernet cable is being used mostly to get all computers connected to each other with the help of your LAN port to your computer desktop or in a laptop.

The major part of a local area network connections are RJ45 connectors, which helps to connect into the device LAN port.

Ethernet cables connect to devices such as PCs, switches and routers within a local area network.

Hope the image below gives you an overview of the local area network. Here is a diagram that shows what a local area network is and how it works?

What are the benefits of a Local Area Network?

There are a few good advantages to a local area network listed below:

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