How to Enable Less Secure App Access for Gmail Account?

Enable Less Secure App Access for Gmail

As per the current Google security standards, you cannot login your Gmail account to third-party apps and devices until you grant permission from your account. So, in this article, you will see that how you can enable less secure app option for your Gmail account to login to other apps and devices.

Gmail account is one of the parts of your Google account services. Google account controls its services. By default, the less secure app option is disabled by Google on every account because of users account security.

For example, suppose, you have just configured your Gmail on Microsoft outlook, but it keeps prompting you a username and password window after you configured. Even though, you are sure that the user name and password you entered is correct.

However, this is happening due to less secure app option is disabled in your Google account settings. An example of same issue in below image:

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Less Secure App Access Settings

In order to access your Gmail/Google account to other apps and devices, you must enable less secure app access option. Follow steps below to do this:

Note: Given instruction will work only with General Google/Gmail account. If you are using an official G Suite account then, you may need to contact domain administrator.

Step 1. First of all, we need to sign-in to Google account settings. Visit this link: Google My Account and login in with your username and password. If you are already login, that’s fine.

Step 2. From the left pane, click on Security option

Step 3. Now from the right side, you need to scroll the page down and locate “Less secure app access” option.

In order to enable less secure app option, you need to click on “Turn on access (not recommended)

Step 4. Finally, we are at the last step. There is a toggle switch for Allow less secure apps, just you need to slide to the right and make it ON to enable less secure app access for your Gmail account.

Important Note: Less secure app access option may not be available for you as shown on above Step 3 if you are already using or enabled 2 factor authentication or 2-step verification in your Gmail/Google account.

In this situation, either you can disable 2-step verification option (which is not recommended) or generate a key-code from App passwords option and use that key-code on particular app (for example: Microsoft outlook), instead using an account password.

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