How to Configure Gmail Account on Outlook?

How to Configure Gmail on Outlook?

This post shows you specifically on how to configure Microsoft outlook for Gmail or set up your Gmail account in Outlook using IMAP settings.

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It’s not mandatory but we recommend that you configure it using IMAP settings.

Follow the steps given below to setup Gmail account in the Microsoft Outlook app.

If you want to configure your Gmail account using POP settings,, click here to see POP instructions.

Note: Before you proceed, make sure you have enabled IMAP settings from your Gmail account. If not yet, go through the article below first:

[How to Enable IMAP Settings for Gmail or Enable POP Settings?]

Add Your Gmail Account to Outlook

Step 1. Launch Microsoft Outlook.

If you are opening the Microsoft Outlook application for the first time then you will be on the screen where it may ask you to select a protocol for configuration.

Step 2. You will see an Add Account window with two options followed by E-mail Account & Manual setup or additional server types.

Select the radio button for Manual setup or additional server types and click the Next button given below.

Step 3.
Another screen will come up and select POP or IMAP and click on Next.

Step 4.
On this screen, you need to type in your details and credentials.

  1. Fill in your details i.e; Name & Email address
  2. Account Type should be selected as IMAP.
  3. Incoming email server:
  4. Outgoing mail server (IMAP):
  5. Once done, click on More Settings ….

Step 5. An Internet E-mail Settings screen will appear.

  1. Go to the Outgoing Server Tab
  2. Check the box My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  3. Then, go to Advanced Tab and set the details as Incoming server (IMAP): 993 with SSL and Outgoing server (SMTP): 465 with SSL.
  4. Click the OK button once done and you will be on the previous screen.

Step 6. Finally, click on the Next button and Microsoft outlook will test the account settings then show you the result as successful if the settings are done correctly.

Click on the Close button to continue.

Step 7. You should get the below screen that means, you’re all set!

Click Finish to close the screen. Finally, you have successfully configured Microsoft outlook for your Gmail now.

Note: You should have received a Test Email to your inbox.

This is how you can easily configure Microsoft Outlook for Gmail using IMAP or POP settings.

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