How to Check MacBook Specification? macOS, Version, RAM, Processor, Display and Many More

Check Your MacBook Specification

This articles tells you that how you can easily check your MacBook technical specification, which includes all required information that you are looking for.

This dedicated article will resolve your queries for below ones:

How to Find Specs of MacBook Pro or Air?

To find out the MacBook overview, follow below steps. After that, we will access built-in App called “System Information” for detailed information.

  1. Navigate to the left-top corner on your Mac screen and click Apple Menu
  2. From the drop-down list, click on About This Mac

Your above action will bring up an overview of your Mac computer.

This most probably includes your MacBook Model, macOS and its version, serial number, memory, processor (chip) used in it, etc.

In addition, to find out more details of a MacBook, we need to launch System Information App

The System Information App can provide us a detailed view of the MacBook specification. Moreover, it also shows you related information such as other hardware and software information’s.

There are two easy ways to open mac system information application:

  1. Tap on System Report… from the About This Mac overview screen (Image above👆)
  2. Use Spotlight (command + space bar) and search for system information

Once you are done with above then, the System Information application will be on your screen.

You will see there are three different drop-downs for Hardware, Network and Software in the sidebar

By default, it will open with Hardware section wherein, it shows your MacBook model, processor or a chip, memory, firmware, system serial number, etc.

Further, you can select the items from the sidebar options list one-by-one and as a result get detailed information for each by clicking on it.

Hoping, this post fulfill your objective on your MacBook.

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