How to Change Folder Color in MacBook?

Change Folder Color in MacBook

If you using a MacBook, surely, you might have a question in your mind at some point that how to change folder color in my mac?

If you are one of them who wants to organize your Mac folders and wanted to look them cool so, this article will be going to help you.

In MacBook system all the folders or sub-folders looks same and hard to organize the data. Therefore, there should be a simple way to make it hassle free.

You may be thinking of if there is some way to change folder colors? or if we can change folders icons? that will make us to identify the folder easily or something like that?

Hereby, we would say, YES, we do have such solution for you called “Folder Colorizer for Mac” Application.

I’m writing this post because I have used this application and found it very useful and thought to introduce to Mac users who are still unaware of this app.

An Intro of “Folder Colorizer for Mac” Application

Folder Colorizer for Mac is designed and developed by Softorino Inc.

Softorino Inc was invented in 2014 with a group of four young and innovative individuals with their first official app called WALTR when their journey begins.

Now they have sixteen different apps for Windows and macOS, which performs different useful tasks for users and make tasks easy.

Folder Colorizer for Mac personalize your folder such as you can change color, add emojis and patterns, etc. It is an application for macOS that allows users to create custom icons or change folder icons in a simple way.

The below ones can be done easily with this app:

System Requirements:

Folder Colorizer for Mac just requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) and higher

If you have not downloaded the app yet, click below button and get Folder Colorizer for Mac to you MacBook:

It is available with Free and Pro versions, whereas free version gives you a limited access and pro version will give you complete accessibility of all the features.

How to Personalize Your Folders in MacBook by using Folder Colorizer for Mac App?

This article is specifically written for the macOS users who want to personalize their folder in a MacBook machine.

So, let’s get started

Step 1. Download and install Folder Colorizer for Mac application to your MacBook. Click above 👆to download.

Step 2.  Start your trail by registering you email or get it activated if you have the activation key already.

Step 3. Drag and drop or add any of the folder that you want to organize or personalize.

Step 4. Once the folder is there, customize it with certain option given in the customization toolbar within the application. Check below image for more:

Step 5. Once you are done with above and customized your folder colors, background image or added emojis

Finally, you just need to click on Colorize Folder! from the left bottom and see the magic.

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