How to Check Windows Version or Windows Specifications of Your Computer?

Check Windows Version

This is a frequent asked question by many users that which Windows version is installed in my computer or how to check Windows version?

Similar question below:

Which Windows edition is installed?

Which version I have?

What Windows version type i have installed? or Windows build, service pack, etc.

You might have one of the questions in your mind about your installed operating system in your computer.

In this article, I will let you know that how you can check Windows version and other important information of your system as listed below:

Which Version of Windows Operating System I Have?

This tutorial will show you different methods wherein you can check Windows versions and certain specifications of your computer.

Check out all easy methods listed below:

Method 1: By using Windows System Properties

System properties is a place where you can see a detailed information about your system. To check all the installed Windows, details follow below steps:

Along with, you can see additional information like, system processor, RAM, Computer name, Windows activation status, etc.

Method 2: Using Settings App in Windows 10

Now days, everyone is using Windows 10.

In Windows 10, Microsoft makes many tasks easy for users. You can check Windows Edition, version, build, system type, etc. within the Windows Settings App.

Press Win + I from your keyboard to open Windows Settings App -> System -> About and you will see all of the information.

Alternatively, to open direct About System – Press Win + R to open Run dialog box and type ms-settings:about then, click OK

Method 3: Using Winver Command

Another easy method to check Windows version and other system details is to use the command in Run dialog box.

Open the Run dialog box by using the keyboard shortcut Win + R and type command, winver and press OK button on run dialog box.

This command will quickly open About Windows on your screen and shows your Windows version, build, Windows editions and other important information.

Method 4: By Using Run Command

There is another interesting way to get system information from Windows Command Prompt.

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Open command prompt, type systeminfo and hit enter to execute the command. It will analyze your system quickly and show you the result within seconds as shown in below image:

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