What’s New in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?

Fall Creators Update (Release Date: Oct 17, 2017)

As you know that Microsoft has recently released a new update for the Microsoft Windows 10 computer’s on October 17, 2017, called Fall Creators Update. There are a lot more features added in Windows 10 computer now. So this article will show you the majors features added in the Windows 10 under Fall Creators Update that you should know being a user of Windows 10. Check out the list of new features added on Windows 10 fall creators update as below:

[1] Fast Access to My Peoples: The people have added to the bottom right on the taskbar that allows you to communicate or chat with your peoples on your contacts, Skype and mail contacts to without opening any app.

[2] New Icons Added: Under Windows settings, there are two more Icons are added and those are Cortana and Phone. New Feature of Fall Creators Update Share on X

[3] Microsoft Edge: In this recent update, Microsoft Edge is enhanced, smoother and has added some new features on it as below:

[4] Currency Converter: On user’s demand, a new feature has added to the calculator called currency converter. Open calculator, go to the menu in the top left (Three Horizontal lines) and select currency under Converter.

Press “Win + R” to open Run dialog box and type, “calc” to open a Calculator.

[5] Recover Pin and Password from The Lock Screen: In case, if you forgot your Pin or Password and you are not able to sign in, you can easily reset from your lock screen. On your lock screen, click on “I forgot my pin” and it will take you to the account verification screen. You just need to verify your identity and you can reset pin or password easily by yourself.

[6] GPU in Task Manager: In Windows Task Manager, under Performance Tab, GPU (graphics processing unit) is added which displays the information about the graphics hardware and performance of your computer. Check different ways to open Windows Task Manager.

[7] Ransomware Protection: for the better security of your Windows computer Microsoft enhanced the Windows defender and added Ransomware protection in it. Make sure you will keep updating Windows defender time to time.

[8] Action on Connected Wi-Fi Networks: in your Wi-Fi list, just need to right-click on connected Wi-Fi network and you would get some quick action menus like the connect/disconnect, properties and forget network. Earlier it shows nothing when you right-click on a connected network.

[9] Better PDF For Students: I think, most Probably Microsoft has added this feature for Students and official task purpose that make PDF on Edge easier to read and customize. Just need to right click on the PDF file and select option “Open with” to Microsoft Edge. Once opened, select text and right-click on it. You will get options to Copy, Add Notes, Highlight text, etc.

New Feature of Fall Creators Update Share on X

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