How to Disable Blur Effect from Windows 10 Login Screen?

Disable Blur Effect from Windows 10 Sign-in Screen

If you are reading this article, this means, you might not like the blur effect (also know as acrylic effect) on Windows 10 sign-in or login screen. Probably, you must be looking for the way to deactivate or disable blur effect from your Windows 10 login screen. Acrylic effect initially deployed on Windows 10 version 1903 (May 2019 update). Also known as its code name 19H1.

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Why this blur or acrylic effect introduced in Windows 10?

The major reason behind why Microsoft introduced blur effect is because users can’t find a login option when Windows 10 boot up. Acrylic effect helps the user to focus to the login box. Because it has a translucent texture design which help users locate and type their login credentials. Check the below image that how acrylic or blur effect looks in Windows 10 login screen:

Disable Acrylic Effect from Login Screen in Windows 10

Of course, many users like this new blurry effect as they can easily find their login box. But many users don’t like this effect because they cannot see their background wallpaper clearly. Windows 10 does have an option to disable blur effect at any moment of time by the user. If you are one of them who don’t like this effect and want to restore the previous feature so you can see your actual background wallpaper then, keep reading the steps given below:

Note: For your information, this blur effect also known as transparency effect and it applies to other parts of Windows 10 including login screen such as Windows Start Menu, Windows 10 Settings App, Taskbar, Notification Area icons, Action Center, etc. Therefore, disabling blur or transparency effect will affect all of them, but there is no harm to your Windows 10.

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Step 1. Launch Windows 10 Settings App by doing a right click on Start Menu and select Settings. Alternatively, press Win + I keyboard shortcut to do so.

Step 2. Navigate and select Personalization

Step 3. Now from the left pane, select Colors

Step 4. As a result, the options will appear on the right side. Navigate and look for Transparency effects

Restore or Enable Blur Effect in Windows 10

In future, you may want to restore blur effect back in your Windows 10 login screen and for other elements as well. Then, it can be done easily. Reach at Step 4 above and slide the toggle button to right to enable blur or acrylic effect to your Windows 10.

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