Create Single PDF File from Multiple Images in Windows 10

PDF is a very powerful and useful tool in the computer world. It’s very user friendly and free to read files. Every user does have Adobe Reader (pdf) installed on their PC’s for sure. Have you ever got into the trouble where you need to send so many pictures/images/photos to your relatives or friends or maybe for office use? It is very unfair to attach files one by one to your email. In this kind of case, you may convert all different images or photos and create single PDF file then, attach only one file to your email. In one word I can say, you can combine several images in a single PDF file easily.

Create Single PDF File from Multiple Images

Easy to merge multiple images into a single PDF. In Windows 10 PC, you do not need any additional software. You can use Windows 10 built-in Microsoft Print to PDF feature. This post will tell you a step-by-step guide to combine so many images to a single PDF file. Follow the steps given below:

NOTE: Windows 7 or earlier, doesn’t have “Microsoft Print to PDF” option. It introduced with Windows 8.1 and later versions.

Step 1. Open the folder where you have stored all of your images, which you want to convert into a single PDF file. Create Single PDF File from Multiple Images Click To Tweet

Step 2. Now select all the images, which you want to convert. You may press Ctrl + A to select all images. If you want to select a few of them, then press and hold Ctrl + Mouse left click to select. After you select images, then right-click on any image and select Print Option.

Step 3. The Print Pictures screen will appears. Under Printers, from the drop down in the upper left of the screen, select Microsoft Print to PDF. Make the settings as required as shown in below image for “Paper size and Quality”, etc. Then click on Print option to the right bottom.

Step 4. A new Window will pop’s up (Save Print Output As) on the screen. Choose the location where you want to save, type File name: and finally click on the Save Button to proceed.

Step 5. You are ready to open the merged converted PDF file. Navigate to the location that you have chosen to save your file. You will find you combined converted PDF file. Double click and open file. We are done now.

Create Single PDF File from Multiple Images Click To Tweet

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