How to Change Taskbar Location on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10?

How to Move a Windows Taskbar Position?

The Windows taskbar is a fraction and has many purposes in a Windows PC. By default, it is located at the bottom of your computer screen until you change the taskbar location to the right, left or at the top of the screen.

Microsoft introduced the taskbar in Windows 95. A taskbar contains Windows start menu, icons of all pined & currently open files, folders and applications along with notification area on the right side.

The taskbar is a quick access feature that allows users to switch or open between programs or Windows applications.

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Check out the transformation of the Windows Taskbar according to the Windows operating system (Windows 95, XP, 7, 8.1 and 10) in the image:

Many users do not know that the Windows taskbar can be set at any edge or on your computer screen. By default, the taskbar is set to the bottom position of the screen.

However, you can change the taskbar location to the left, right or top edge of the screen.

Change Taskbar Location in Windows

Hereby, will show you two (2) different methods by which you can change your taskbar location easily.

Method 1 – Using Taskbar and Start Menu Properties

Step 1. Right-click on unused or free space on the Windows taskbar and select Properties and this will bring up “Taskbar and start menu properties” for you.

Step 2. Now under the Taskbar tab, you have the option of Taskbar location on screen: with drop-down selection at the bottom, left, right and top.

Make your selection and click on Apply and OK

The above command will take immediate effect and your taskbar location will be changed to your selected location.

For Windows 10 Users

Method 2 – Move Taskbar by Using Mouse Drag and Drop

This method is quite easy to change the taskbar location on any of your Windows PC. Follow the steps below:

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