Stop Chrome Running in the Background on Windows [Easy Fix]

Stop Chrome Running in the Background

By default, Chrome is set to run in background on Windows. Now, you must be wondering how to stop chrome running in the background?

Google Chrome is an advance internet web browser that allows you to surf on internet. There are many other browsers available such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, etc.

Google Chrome is designed and developed by Google LLC and available to install on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS & Android. Chrome also measured as a fast and reliable browser.

I am sure, sometimes, you may have noticed, when you finish work with chrome and close afterwards you got a message that Google Chrome in running in the background and you will notified for any notification.

You might have used certain app extension installed on Chrome and they also work on the background if chrome is closed.

This really not necessary to keep running Chrome on background and due to it uses system memory. For example, check your task manager screenshot while Chrome is closed.

Disable Chrome from Running in Background

For the reason, if you have a laptop battery drain problem or your system is running slow, running chrome in the background could be one of the reasons.

Know Amazing Hidden Google Chrome Tricks & Secrets

Yes, there is way in Chrome settings itself, wherein you can stop Chrome running in the background on your Windows.

The following steps given in this article are done on Chrome Version 78.0.3904.97 and hopefully, will work on later Chrome updates as well.

Step 1. Launch Chrome and from the top-right corner of the browser window, click three-point icons to expand options or press ALT + E key combination on your keyboard.

Then, choose the Settings option from the given list.

Step 2. The Chrome settings page will come up on your screen. Navigate at the bottom of the windows by scrolling mouse and click Advanced option.

Step 3. Now, scroll down the page to the bottom and locate System. Underneath, turn off the option of “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”.

Finally, settings are made successfully to stop Chrome running in the background unless you turn it back on.

To get settings in effect you need to close the Google Chrome browser and open it again. By doing this you will notice that your system performance is better than before.

If you will or require that Chrome notification and running in the background is important for you then, go back to the Step 3 and turn on the option which says “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”.

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