Download Google Chrome Offline Installer (Standalone Setup)

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

If you are not using Google Chrome browser so far, will recommend you to install from here with an online web installer. If you are looking to download google chrome offline installer then, keep reading and get it by the end of this article.

A faster way to browse on the internet is Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Web Browser

Google Chrome is a well know and freeware web browser developed by Google.

As per online research, we found that it was initially released on September 2008. Chrome is measured as a fasted web browser and become very popular to all Windows and MAC users.

Chrome supports operating systems like; Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux & Chrome OS and for smartphones, it is available for Android, iOS, etc.

Chrome has many security features included in its latest version 69 and later.

Why to Download Chrome Offline Installer?

Though, you can download Google Chrome by using the online web installer, but it needs a good internet speed. It will download the original program files and will provide an option to install after the download has done.

If your internet bandwidth is slow or break while downloading Chrome by using the web installer, it will be interrupted and comes with an error.

You may not aware about that Google allows users to download Google Chrome offline installer (standalone setup) from its official website.

That means you can download the Google Chrome full setup and then, install in your Windows or MAC computer.

You can download the Chrome installer with normal internet speed as well.

The following post provides you an option to grab Chrome offline installer for Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems.

Requirements to Install Google Chrome

For Windows:


For Linux:

Chrome Offline Installer for Windows

Not sure, what version of OS you are using hereby providing you to download Chrome offline installer for both 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit (x86) versions.

In this post we are sharing direct links to download Chrome offline installer only for Windows operating system.

Click and download from the links given below:

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer 32-bit (x86)

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer 64-bit (x64)

By clicking on above links, you will reach to a Google Chrome website. You will always get the latest updated version of the Chrome offline installer on this website.

Just click on Download Chrome button and it will start downloading the offline installer in your system.

If you downloaded 32-bit of Chrome installer then, it contains ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe and if downloaded for 64-bit, it contains ChromeStandaloneSetup64.exe of file.

Just need to double click on and run it once prompted. Within quick moments it will install in your desired OS.

Additionally, you can setup all the things like home page, bookmark bar, download location, etc. by going to Google Chrome Settings Page.

** For MAC users; it will download googlechrome.dmg file and may ask for Admin password at the time of installation.

Google Chrome Offline Installer for MAC OS

** For Linux users; it will download the package installer file. Once done, after that, click to install package and after installation it will be added to your software manager.

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer for Linux

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