Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys for Windows

Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

This post will help you to know all major Microsoft word shortcut keys for Windows PC. You can use them while working with MS word and see how those shortcut keys will help you to work faster.

Keyboard shortcuts are very important for a user while working in any Windows program, application or a software. Shortcuts makes our task easier and increase the productivity. Same shortcut commands can do different task on different programs or application.

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About Microsoft Word

Before we tell you the shortcut keys that you can use in Microsoft word, we would like to tell you a bit about Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word, also known as with its popular name “MS Word”, is a word processor and an application of office suite family designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft Word helps you to create or edit professional documents, letters, reports and many other tasks that are important for your business.

MS Word comes with a package of MS office, whenever you install Microsoft Office on your machine that means you are installing a complete package of office, which includes word, excel, PowerPoint, outlook, access, OneNote and many others.

All given MS Word shortcuts will work with all version of Microsoft Word (Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016 and later)

Useful MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the list of useful word shortcuts that you use while working on a word document to make your task easy:

Keyboard Shortcut Key
Command Function

Ctrl + A

Select all content

Ctrl + B

Make your selection Bold

Ctrl + C

Copy selected content

Ctrl + D

Font management window

Ctrl + E

Align selected text to the Center

Ctrl + F

Open find or search box

Ctrl + G

Jumps to “Go To” option

Ctrl + H

Brings up “Find and Replace” option for you

Ctrl + I

Make selected text Italic

Ctrl + J

Justify the selected text

Ctrl + K

Insert Hyperlink on selected text

Ctrl + L

Align selected text to the left

Ctrl + M

Indent the whole paragraph

Ctrl + N

Open a New document

Ctrl + O

Open old saved document

Ctrl + P

Open windows to Print

Ctrl + R

Align selected text to Right

Ctrl + S

Save the current document

Ctrl + U

The selected text will be Underlined

Ctrl + V

Paste the copied text

Ctrl + W

Close the current document

Ctrl + X

Cut the selected text

Ctrl + Y

Redo the last action

Ctrl + Z

Undo last on current document

Ctrl + F2

Document Print Preview


Save as current document. (Use Fn + F12, if using laptop)

Shift + Enter

Insert a line break

Ctrl + Enter

Insert a page break


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