How to Disable Windows Safe Mode Loop?

Disable Safe Mode Loop

Sometimes Windows may get stuck in a safe mode loop. What i mean is that it does not matter how many times you restart your computer, it always starts in only safe mode. It is called safe mode loop.

Windows safe mode (Know Mote about Windows Safe Mode) is quite a good option to fix bugs and doing certain settings in case your Windows operating system is not functioning well.

Safe mode has limited features and no one wants to operate a system in safe mode as so many graphic software’s won’t work, even several websites that support Java, flash etc. doesn’t function properly.

Then why is it starting to do safe mode though, there is nothing wrong with the system. So what to do if your system keeps entering safe mode on every startup? Will you take it to a local shop or store?

Well, before you think about taking your computer outside to any store or shop to fix it, go through this post.

This article will help you fix this problem of safe mode loop without seeking anyone’s help or spending any money on it with very easy steps performing on your own.

How to Get Out of the Safe Mode Loop?

Note: The following steps will work with all Windows version including Windows 11.

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Press Win + R to open Run dialog box or press Win + X and select Run. It will open the Run command dialog box for you.

Step 2. Now, we need access System Configuration.

To open this, type msconfig into the Run dialog box and hit OK button.

Step 3. This will open the System Configuration on your screen.

By default, it is on General Tab. Click on Boot Tab, as we need to work with boot option.

Step 4. Under the Boot Tab, you may see that there is a check mark on the Safe boot option. You need to uncheck the check box in order to get out from the safe mode loop.

Then click on Apply and OK button to close System Configuration window.

Step 5. You have successfully made the required changes. After that you may get a prompt from windows to restart your computer.

You just need to hit on Restart button to restart your system so the changes can take effect to your computer.

Once you select the Restart option your computer will turn off automatically and come back.

This time you will see, it comes with Normal Mode instead of Safe Mode. Finally, you are now able to use the full functionality of your Windows PC.

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