Download Mouse Pointers for your Windows and Customize or Stylish your Mouse Cursor

Stylish Mouse Cursors

Looking for the way where to download stylish mouse pointers for your Windows? and how to use them?

What is a Mouse Pointer?

A mouse pointer is a little arrow or a graphical image that help you to navigate and do certain tasks in an operating system.

Mouse cursor help you to navigate, click and opening a program, drag and drop a file or a folder to another location, can be used for selection, etc.

However, do you know that you can customize your mouse pointer to the colored stylish one as well? Just you need to download mouse pointers and install it to the Windows.

By default, we use Windows aero mouse cursors, it does not mean that we need to keep going with default one.

Many users are looking for mouse pointers in different colors, sizes for best visibility as per their need. Windows has a set of aero pointers within the settings by which you can change the mouse cursor to another nice one by doing simple steps.

Change Mouse Pointer or Cursor

In this article, I will show you two different methods by which you can change your mouse cursor. Also, given steps will be compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.

  1. Change mouse pointer from Windows default cursors pack
  2. Download stylish cursor pack and customize as per your need

If you just want to change your pointer to different one, this is quite easy. Follow the steps given below:

By doing above task, the Windows mouse pointer will be changed to the selected one.

Download Mouse Pointers

If you want to see your mouse pointer in a stylish form like- colored and image specific with different symbols. You need to download a pack of mouse pointers.

Click below download button to download mouse pointers (5 different packs of mouse cursors) and then follow given instructions:

Installation steps:

1) Open each folder one-by-one

2) Right-click on “setup” file and select “install” from the context menu

3) Within quick seconds, cursors will be installed

Once you are done with above installation steps, follow below steps to select the desired mouse pointer for your Windows PC:

By this way, you can use different cursors on your Windows PC. Download Mouse Pointers for Windows Click To Tweet

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