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Microsoft Edge is a well-known web browser developed by Microsoft and introduced in Windows 10. In earlier versions of Windows, called in the name of Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is a fast, safe, easy to use and popular browser now a day. As most of the users upgraded their Windows version to Windows 10, therefore, Microsoft Edge is the primary browser for users. It has seen; most of time users get into the problem to import bookmarks/favorites from another browser to Microsoft Edge.

This post will show you that how you can quickly get a list of favorites or bookmarks from another browser to Edge. Hence, there are two different ways to import favorites from another browser to Edge as below: Import Bookmarks from Another Browser to Microsoft Edge Click To Tweet

  1. Import favorites/bookmarks from an HTML file
  2. Import favorites/bookmarks directly from Edge

If you want to get your bookmarks from an HTML file, then first, you need to go to the another browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) installed in your Windows PC.

Import Bookmarks/favorites directly from Edge

Step 1. Open Microsoft Edge and click on Edge Menu () on the top right of the page and click “Settings” to open settings menu.

Step 2. Under Settings, click on “Import from another browser” below Import favorites and other info.

Step 3. Now you have two options in the list that you want to import from another browser (Internet explorer, Firefox & Chrome) or import/export a file.

All right! After doing the above steps, you have successfully imported all of your desired favorites/bookmarks into the Edge.

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