Download YouTube Videos to Your Windows Computer

Download YouTube Videos

Certainly, you can easily download YouTube videos to your Windows desktop or laptop for free. You must be thinking how this could be done?

You will get know by end of this article that how easily you can get YouTube videos to your desktop or laptop.

YouTube was created on February 2005 by three former employees Steve Chen, Jawed Karim & Chad Hurley. Later on, November 2006, Google bought YouTube and since then YouTube is a part of Google service.

It is a most watched and powerful source of video sharing and downloading site these days.

Why YouTube?

Now days YouTube is a very much popular place of entertainment.

You can watch and download your favorite songs, movies, trailers, TV shows, clips, documentary films, educational videos or anything that makes you feel entertaining.

YouTube also allows users to create an account on it and can upload videos, view, share, etc. Most important, uploaded videos don’t contain any copyrighted content (comes under YouTube policies).

How to Search and Download YouTube Videos?

This is the most asked question now days that how to download videos from YouTube?

Most of the computer users access YouTube on daily basis for sure. Many of them want to download their favorite songs, movies, shows, etc on computer desktop or laptop so they can watch offline again whenever they want.

However, there are so many third-party software and browser extensions are available on the internet, by using them you can get videos from YouTube site.

But most of them are not compatible with different browsers. Sometimes they work on sometimes not.

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Get Videos from YouTube without any Software

This article will show you the easy method by which you can easily download videos from YouTube without any third-party software or browser extension.

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Open any of your browsers (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.)

Go to the YouTube site search and open any video of your choice that you want to download.

Step 2. Right-click on the played video and select Copy video URL. By doing this, you have copied the URL link of selected video.

Step 3. Open another Tab on the same or any other browser, any open the website ( by typing on an address bar and hit enter.

Step 4. Now, go to the website search option and paste the copied URL of YouTube video and hit enter to search for it.

Step 5. This will show you the selected YouTube video in MP3 (Music) & Video format with different quality options to select.

Click on Video Tab in order to download video file and click on Record or Format shift to MP4 button.

Note: 720p & 1080p may not available for free now days. Available only with Pro.

Step 6. Once you click on the Record button, a new window prompted on your screen and ask you to save (options may vary as per your current browser).

Click Save File. It will start downloading your video.

Your YouTube Video has successfully downloaded to your computer. If you prompted for Pro registration (check image below), just need to ignore/close that message.

Registration is not required to download any YouTube video.

Post Last Updated on April 16, 2022

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