How to Download Facebook Data? Backup Your Facebook Photos, Videos, Messages or Post

Download Facebook Data

The Facebook is used for face match initially but now, Facebook has over 1 billion users all over the world. In this article will help you to download Facebook data like- photos, videos, messages, etc to you desktop or laptop.

A social network site make us easier to communicate with our friends and family members online.

Now days, everyone is on Facebook, a social network site. Facebook, Inc. is an American based company in California, which is a social network platform website. Mark Zuckerberg along with his fellows launched the Facebook.

At starting days, Facebook was designed for college students in the Harvard University or nearby universities so they can communicate with each other within the university. That time, anyone who is above 13 can join the Facebook.

Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data

I have seen, what most of the Facebook users do, they directly upload their photos or videos to Facebook even they do not store backup on their phones or desktop/laptop. However, a good new is this, that Facebook allows you to download Facebook data from your account and store it to your computer.

Probably, you want to know how you can backup your photos, videos, messages, etc. and remember your old memories that you might have forgotten for sure. In your Facebook account, you have an option to download entire data just with one click.

It will download everything in one ZIP file, which includes about you, apps and websites, calls and messages, comments, events, following and followers, friends, groups, likes and reactions, location, messages, pages, photos and videos, posts, profile information, etc.

Backup Your Facebook Photos, Videos, Messages, Post, etc.

Follow the steps given below to download or backup your Facebook data or memories:

Step 1. Login to your Facebook account. From the top-right account menu, navigate to settings and click on it to open

Step 2. The above action will take you to Facebook settings page.

From the left pane, click on Your Facebook Information. This will display some options for you to the right side. Click on View for Download Your Information.

Step 3. Now select a date range, format type (HTML recommended) and medium quality. You can make a selection of what you want to download by selecting or de-selecting the given check boxes.

Then, at last, click on Create File button.

Step 4. You will be notified that Your file is being created.

We will let you know when it is complete, so you can download it to your preferred device. You can cancel this process before the file is complete.

As a result, Facebook informs you by email and notified on Facebook mobile app or in your desktop browser.

You can easily go to Available Files section. Finally, click on Download button there to download backup of selected items. It will be downloaded into ZIP folder that you can extract easily by using WinRAR.

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Above all explained method is a built-in feature of Facebook that allows you to download and back up your memories. You do not need to install any third party tool or software in order to download Facebook data.

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