How to Disable Laptop Touchpad when a USB Mouse is Connected?

Laptop Touchpad when USB Mouse Connected?

In this article, we will let you know how you can disable touchpad while using a USB connected mouse.

Many office and home users do not feel good to use Laptop touchpad while USB external mouse is connected.

The touchpad performs the same functions as an external mouse does including scrolling, selection and clicking, etc.

If you are using a USB mouse to your laptop, disabling it is necessary.

Reason behind is the touchpad may give you hassle while typing a letter or performing other tasks because of your wrist touches on the touchpad and mouse cursor can jumps around to your screen.

Therefore, disabling laptop touchpad will be a good idea.

Now the question is do you know how to disable touchpad in a laptop when usb mouse is connected?

Disable Touchpad of a Windows Laptop

NOTE: Touchpad Driver should have installed in your laptop before follow the below procedure. The following steps have been done on the Dell Laptop.

Watch this video or follow the steps below to make changes in touchpad settings:

Step 1. Open Control Panel (Windows 10).

To open Control Panel, Right-click on Windows 10 Start Menu and select Control Panel.

Step 2. Navigate and click on Mouse. It will open Mouse Properties dialog box on your screen.

Step 3. Under Touchpad Tab, click on click to change Touchpad settings or Touchpad Icon to open touchpad settings.

Note: You will see Touchpad Tab in Mouse properties, if you have installed the touchpad driver into your laptop. Options may vary depending upon the brand/model of a laptop.

disable laptop touchpad while using external mouse

Step 4. Now, select Mouse. Under Mouse settings, Check the box Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse present.

disable touchpad

Step 5. Now, close touchpad settings box and click OK at Mouse Properties Windows.

disable laptop touchpad

That is all to do. All settings have been saved.

Now on whenever you plug any USB mouse into your laptop, Touchpad will disable automatic and when you unplug USB Mouse Touchpad will start working by itself.

You may use the same settings in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 laptops

Important Note: Above settings, depend on your laptop model. In case, you are using an old laptop, you may not find Touchpad setting.

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